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Pull up a chair, grab a cup and pour yourself a hot cup of tea, because on TeaReviews we like nothing better than taking it easy and enjoying our favourite brew. TeaReviews.co.uk is all about great tea, great service and the best experiences for tea drinkers everywhere. To see our reviews just start clicking on the links in the menus above. To learn more about us and to listen as we ramble, keep reading.

But really…there are many more interesting things you can spend your time reading on this site!

What is TeaReviews?

We are a review site that focuses on all things tea, with a little bit of coffee and other hot drinks thrown in. This site was created by people who are passionate for tea and wanted an excuse to drink more of it. If you’re anything like us then you will own a cupboard full of flavoured teas, herbal teas, red tea, black tea, green tea, and every other tea under the sun. We love the stuff and can’t resist trying a new blend, so by creating this site and reviewing the blends we drink, we have the perfect excuse to do just that!

This is a labour of love as much as anything else. Money, views—all of that came second. The thing we care about the most is being able to write on our favourite subject and to have an audience that wanted to read about it!

To learn more about the team of writers that create these reviews, as well as the owners and operators of the TeaReviews.co.uk website, checkout our About Us page.

The TeaReviews Honesty-First Approach

We pride ourselves on honesty here on TeaReviews.co.uk. We don’t subscribe to the “keep it positive to keep the affiliates happy” notion. That’s just not us. We’re tea lovers and we’ve made it our mission to provide honest reviews about the teas we have actually tried whether we love them or hate them.

Obviously we’re not in the business of trashing tea manufacturers either so we try to keep it as light and as friendly as we can, while still getting genuine points across. We believe that this strikes a nice balance, giving the readers the info they need to decide whether they should buy, and allowing the manufacturers to keep doing what they are doing.

After all, just because we don’t like something doesn’t mean you won’t. And conversely, just because we adored something doesn’t mean you will feel the same way. So, don’t expect Tea Reviews to be just another affiliate site padded with useless filler that does nothing but praise in vague and obviously disingenuous ways, but at the same time don’t expect us to be trolls who trash the blends we don’t like.

Why Tea?

Herbal Tea Reviews

Why not? Look, we get it. The world prefers coffee because it can be quicker, stronger and it provides more of an energy boost. Thanks to coffee shops like Costa and Starbucks, coffee is growing at a greater pace than tea in the UK right now and while we understand that everyone has different tastes, we’re a little disappointed with that.

Not only does tea help many more growers all over the world, and not only are there many more varieties, but it’s so much better for you. There are teas out there that may be able to help prevent cancer, diabetes and heart disease. They are loaded with antioxidants and minerals and they also taste great. We think that the world is better off with tea and if we can play a role in helping to increase sales and to keep this drink on top for longer then we will be happy.

It’s not just tea that we review either. We like to include some coffee reviews every now and then just to add some variety, but some of the biggest pages we have are on tearooms that serve afternoon tea, a quintessentially British experience that has this hot drink at its very heart.

You might prefer coffee to tea in the morning. It might be your preferred drink when you’re out and about. But you can’t deny that when it comes to cream tea, coffee just won’t cut it. Tea perfectly complements the dainty finger sandwiches, the creamy cakes and the buttery scones. Coffee would overpower and turn those delicately, hand-crafted foods into a mash of flavoured mush, whereas tea is just fragrant enough and just sweet enough to make it the perfect drink for washing everything down with.

Is it Just the UK?

Tearoom Reviews
While we are based in the United Kingdom and endeavour to cover all popular and niche afternoon tearooms, tea blends and tea brands popular in the UK, we also have articles that readers from across Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries will enjoy. Tea is a universal drink that is enjoyed from pole to pole—it’s a drink we all love, so our content was created for everyone.

If you’re wondering how we have been able to review so many different afternoon tea locations in the United Kingdom and if we are interested in reviewing your tearoom outside of this country then check with our about us page linked above. You can find the answers you seek there, but prepared to be disappointed if you run an international tearoom. We would love an invite, but we might not be able to honour it.

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