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TeaReviews About

If, for whatever reason, you’re interested in learning about the owners and operators of TeaReviews, then this is the page for you. And you probably need a hobby, because we’re really not that interesting.

It’s not what we don’t like blowing our own trumpet, but that we don’t really have much of a trumpet to blow. We’re just tea lovers who happen to write and have a lifelong dream of being able to scoff cream tea and drink Darjeeling while getting paid and writing every single cup, scone and finger sandwich off as a business expense.

About TeaReviews

TeaReviews is a tea website, but you probably knew that already. We review tea blends and the companies that make them, but we also have guides on many different types of tea and the best places to enjoy them, as well as a huge number of reviews on afternoon tea locations. There is no better way to enjoy a nice cup of tea than at a quintessentially British tearoom offering cream tea, when this fine British staple is served alongside sandwiches, scones and a host of treats.

If you love tea as much as we do then you should find something you like here. Our readers mostly hail from the United Kingdom, where the majority of the teas and tearoom we review can be found, but we also pull in visitors from all over the world, so we’re constantly working to add to our content in order to appease this international reader-base.

If you are from the UK and have a comment about our reviews or if you live abroad and have some ideas you would like to put across to us, then please get in touch via our Contact Page. We have a few guidelines and FAQs on that page for you to read first (if you don’t mind) but there is a form at the bottom that you can use to get in touch.

Who Owns TeaReviews?

TeaReviews is owned by a small team of workers consisting of writers, designers and coders. That description probably makes us sound bigger than we are though. The truth is we only have one designer and we only have one coder, although we do have a few writers working on getting dozens of new articles posted to the site every single week.

Why Did you Create TeaReviews?

We wanted to write about tea. That’s it really. We all work as freelancers and have created countless websites for other clients in the past, as well as a few small projects individually. TeaReviews was a way of bringing our heads and our passions together and creating something that we would actually enjoy working on, something that wasn’t 100% geared towards making a profit.

It’s a statement you have no doubt heard many times and one you probably don’t believe, but we really did create TeaReviews because we love tea and were eager to write about it. Of course, money helps, but only because it allows us to take on fewer freelancing projects and to devote more time to TeaReviews.

Are you Professional Reviewers?

No, we just really love tea. Our team does consist of writers who have reviewed products before, but only on a contractual basis and one of the reasons behind the creation of this site was that it gave us a way to write about and review products we actually cared about.

Who Reviews Your Products?

TeaReviews Team
There are several writers on our team. We all love tea, but we come from different backgrounds. One of our writers is in the United States and is tasked with writing our articles on coffee and on speciality teas. They haven’t had a chance to cross the pond and visit the UK’s many tearooms, so we don’t have them writing any afternoon tea reviews, but they are working on similar content in the US.

The site’s two biggest writers currently live in the UK and also own the TeaReviews website. We come from different cultural backgrounds, we have different experiences and we grew up drinking different kinds tea, but we have always enjoyed this drink in all its varieties and we both still have a passion for it.

There are other writers hired on an occasional basis as well. These writers include friends and family who are up for the challenge and have a knack for the written word, but they also include professional, local writers hired to work on specific reviews and guides.

Can I Join Your Team?

We’re not looking for new team members right now. TeaReviews has a very small team of writers, designers and coders working to keep the site alive and to get fresh content uploaded every day, but we don’t have a big budget and we don’t have much room for new workers, be they long-term employees or short-term contractors.

What is Your Favourite Tea?

We are a diverse group, so we do not have any 1 definitive favourites. Our coder has a thing for Yerba Mate and also enjoys an occasional cup of Matcha. Our US based writer is more of a coffee drinker, but also loves to make her own super-sweet southern-style iced tea and to enjoy a few cups of Sencha green tea on occasion.

As for our UK writers, it’s a toss-up between high quality, super-strong builder’s brews and other black teas (with the Everyday Brew from TeaPigs and Orange Blossom Earl Grey from Twinings being the pick of the bunch) and Greek Mountain Tea. If it’s made to an exacting standard and uses the finest ingredients in a process that is natural, organic and produces a delicious end product without a host of additives, then it’s a winner for us.

Unfortunately, there are very few tea manufacturers that fall within this criteria, but thankfully demand for tea produced in such a way is increasing, which in turn is forcing the industry to take action.

What is Your Favourite Afternoon Tea?

There are so many great places out there, it would be cruel (not to mention difficult) to pick one. But we tend to prefer quirky over formal; hearty over dainty. We prefer artsy tearooms and country house tearooms to ones found in grand restaurants and hotels. But providing the food is great and the tea is top notch, we’re good.