The Best Afternoon Tea in Aberdeen

Afternoon Tea Aberdeen

Aberdeen is one of the richest cities in the UK right now. It’s living off its vast oil riches and that has made this a hotspot for culture and fun. This is as true of the exciting nightlife as it is of the laid-back and decadent tearooms, which is what we’ll focus on here as we look for the best afternoon tea in Aberdeen.

The Best: Malmaison

Malmaison is probably the best hotel in the city and it’s also the best afternoon tea in Aberdeen we have enjoyed to date. And unlike the best hotels in cities like Edinburgh and London, this is actually very reasonably priced. Cream tea at Malmaison costs just £12 per person and will get you scones, cake (carrot cake and a brownie) along with a cup of tea, of which there are a few options to choose from.

If you step it up to their afternoon tea then you can enjoy an additional bagel, burger and wrap, which is a rather unique but very welcome addition to an afternoon tea menu. And these are hearty servings as well, more than enough to fill you up. There is also a milkshake served with this afternoon tea, so it’s a great option even if you’re not a big fan of the black or green teas they have available.

You can step this menu up even further by adding a cocktail or a glass of Champagne to the mix. The standard afternoon tea comes in at just under £20, but that stretches to £27 with either of these options. It’s a big increase in price, but considering £30 doesn’t usually get you far with regards to cream teas in big hotel chains, it’s still a price that’s well worth paying and one that is more than worth it.

If you have dietary needs they can meet those as well, with a great selection for gluten-free diets.

The Runner-up: The Chester Hotel

At this Aberdeen cream tea location you will get the opportunity to enjoy some of the finest handmade pastries and sweets in the city. They have their own talented Patissier on staff who makes fresh treats everyday and always has something new and something amazing to serve up.

Afternoon tea is served here from 2pm through to 4pm and it’s served on the finest China, with great service from the first minute to the last and a selection of mini scones, sandwiches, cakes and more. You will need to phone in advance to make sure you can book a table as this is a popular venue, but even if there is a wait, it’s definitely worth it. There are a few cakes, a selection of finger sandwiches, some home made quiche and sausage rolls and freshly baked scones.

Cream Tea Aberdeen

Make sure you try the Caramel Religieuse—you can thank us later. As soon as you bite into these freshly made cakes, or even as soon as you set eyes on them, you’ll understand just why this place gets so much praise and why the menu is a little more expensive than the Malmaison.

The standard afternoon the at the Chester Hotel costs £26.50 at the time of writing. If you want a glass of Ruinart with your tea then you’ll need to pay £10 extra, or £12 extra if you want a glass of Ruinart Rose.