The Best Afternoon Tea in Belfast

Afternoon Tea Belfast

The capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, is the second largest city in all of Ireland and an increasingly popular region for tourists. The grand hotels and quirky tearooms are just one of the many great things to see in this city, so book yourself in for some afternoon tea in these Belfast locations and soak-up the beauty of this city as you sip tea.

Affordable Cream Tea at Miel Et Moi

You wouldn’t associate a French Patisserie with traditional English cream tea, but this one works and it’s one of our favourite afternoon tea services in Belfast. It costs just under £18 per person, is served from 12pm to 5pm every day and provides diners with a selection of small scones (complete with cream, jam and butter) chunky finger sandwiches, and classic French pastries.

The addition of French baking for those top-tier treats is what truly sets this one apart, but you also can’t argue with the price. If you want to step it up and get some sparkling wine with your cream tea then it will only cost you a few pounds extra, making it one of the cheapest sparkling wine afternoon teas we have come across in any city!

Hearty Afternoon Tea at Avoca

We love a selection of cute pastries and finger sandwiches as much as the next person, but every now and then we like to step it up with a service that goes big on every tier. Such is the case with afternoon tea at Avoca. Everything is locally sourced and seasonal, with chunky finger sandwiches, thick scones, hearty cakes, buns and eclairs.

The food is piled high and you get it all for less than £20 per person, paying a few pounds more to enjoy it with a glass of sparkling wine.

Quality Fare at Fitzwilliam Hotel

Cream Tea Belfast

Just like Miel Et Moi, there is a certain French flair to the pastries provided with the Fitzwilliam Hotel afternoon tea. They are a step above if we’re honest, but the sandwiches and scones are not and while everything is home baked and served with some of the best coffee we’ve had in the city, it doesn’t come cheap.

Afternoon tea in this Belfast location will cost you as much as £40 per person if you opt for the Champagne variety, or £30 per person if you don’t. They have a great vegetarian option and they also use ethically sourced ingredients where possible, which is a nice addition.

Treats Galore at Maryville Tea House

Like Avoca this is another afternoon tea service that likes to go big. There are pots of creamy desserts, small Victoria sponges, cupcakes, shortcakes and more. You’ll be in for a real treat if you order your cream tea at Maryville and will be able to choose from the aforementioned treats and more.

As usual it’s served on a three-tier stand and comes with freshly made tea and coffee, the latter of which is as good as you will find in any star coffee house. You can enjoy afternoon tea at Maryville every day from early morning through to 5pm and they also cater for some special diets. We’ve heard that they do a great vegetarian menu, but we can’t confirm if they have an option for vegans or not.

Titanic Belfast Afternoon Tea

High Tea Belfast
Enjoy some afternoon tea titanic style for just £24 per person. You’ll dine in luxurious surroundings with handmade pastries and sandwiches and a backdrop copied from the Titanic itself. This is one of the most famous options for afternoon tea in Belfast and while it is not our favourite, it’s certainly up there and is well worth a mention.

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