The Best Afternoon Tea in Cambridge

Afternoon Tea Cambridge

Cambridge is an upmarket university town in the south of England, one that is famous for its university, its participation in the boat race and its assortment of great restaurants, tearooms and nightlife locations. If you’re looking for a spot of afternoon tea in Cambridge then checkout these top venues.

The Best Tea Room in Cambridge

There are so many great places to enjoy afternoon tea in Cambridge that it’s difficult to pick just one. But we’ve looked at the best, we’ve narrowed it down and we have winner after all: Hotel Du Vin.

This is a cozy venue that makes for a perfect, sedate evening. You can enjoy the surroundings as you sip a selection of fine teas and enjoy some freshly made sandwiches and cakes. This is not a grand hotel with service that feels rushed or overly formal, it’s not a super-busy tearoom where you’re shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else in there. It’s different, it’s unique and it’s just what you need for afternoon tea in Cambridge.

And if this high tea hotspot doesn’t appeal to you then take a look at these other menus.

Southhill Village Tearoom

This is a quaint tearoom that sits in the middle of nowhere, inhabiting an old post office. It doesn’t look like much on the outside and to be honest it’s not exactly the Ritz on the inside. But if you want an affordable place to sip tea and relax then you can’t get much better. There are snacks and light meals to enjoy with your tea, so you can craft your own little cream tea.


This is actually a world-renowned bakery, but one that has also started offering afternoon tea to take advantage of the countless customers that flock here every holiday season to enjoy the homemade cakes and breads. The sweet buns are where this place really excels and you will also find a good selection of teas and coffees to help wash everything down with.

It’s a family run business as well and that comes across in every aspect of the decor, the service and the food—it really is as good as it gets where homemade baked goods are concerned.

Quy Mill

Cream Tea Cambridge

There are a few cream tea menus that offer a Gentlemen’s Afternoon Tea and this used to be one of the better ones. They swapped the dainty sandwiches and scones for pork pies and chunks of cheese, and instead of tea you got half a pint of ale. However, this seems to have done a disappearing act and it’s just the traditional afternoon tea on the menu now.

Maybe it will make a return, maybe it already has and we just haven’t heard about it, but whatever happens the traditional menu is still worth the time and the money.

Hot Numbers

This is more of a coffee shop, but our darker, stronger, caffeinated friend deserves a mention every now and then too, especially as this is not just any coffee shop serving any old coffee. They have some of the best coffee in the city and it’s famed for its freshly brewed beans served up in variety of tastes and flavours. If you prefer coffee to tea or you just want something different then check this place out.