Best Afternoon Tea in Cardiff

Afternoon Tea in Cardiff

Wales’ capital is a fascinating city with a lot to offer. Its close proximity to London makes it an ideal destination for a weekend away, for those who wish to enjoy a historic city full of culture and beautiful natural scenery.

Cardiff boasts a diverse range of influences from the Romans and Normans to the mining era. Cardiff is also a peculiar place, proudly declaring itself one of the flattest cities in Britain. There are many interesting and odd facts about Cardiff, like the fact that Guglielmo Marconi transmitted the world’s first radio signals near Cardiff in 1897!

Anyway, enough with the history, we are here to eat and drink tea! If afternoon tea in Cardiff is on the cards, you are certainly in the right place. Ranging from traditional, to ultra-modern, Cardiff is a capital city that offers a variety of choices to the hungry traveller. Te Prynhawn here we come!

Afternoon Tea at Caffi Sïo

The newly established Caffi Sio is bound to satisfy even the pickiest of you buddying artists out there. Caffi Sio is a culture café which serves artisan afternoon breakfast, among other delicacies, which will set your budget back by £23.50, but which are bound to generate no complaints, as it delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

One can enjoy their afternoon tea surrounded by a clean and fresh environment, decorated with minimalism and streamlined design, in order to let the food speak for itself. Afternoon tea at Caffi Sïo comes with a choice of loose tea leaves for the perfect brew.

Afternoon Tea at Pettigrew Tea Rooms

An article about afternoon tea in Cardiff cannot possibly ignore its most famous offering by Pettigrew Tea Rooms. Customisable is the word to describe this flexible experience, as every element on their afternoon tea can be tailored to your own particular requirements, which includes locally-sourced fresh ingredients and homemade bakery products, that are bound to pleasantly stimulate your taste buds.

The accompaniment is also up to you, with a selection of loose leaf teas, roasted coffee, hot chocolate of any drink your heart desires. What’s more, Pettigrew do not want any of their customers excluded, hence they cater for gluten free, vegan, dairy-free and low sugar diets, you just have to mention what your dietary requirement is at the time of booking and al presto!

Afternoon Tea at Barker Tea House

If a traditional British afternoon tea experience is what you are looking for, then Barker Tea House is certainly the place for you. With plush leather seats, an atmospheric ambiance and a vintage feel your high tea has never felt so indulgent.

Discreet lighting and wood panelling might be Barker Tea Room’s strengths, however, when it comes to food, it does not disappoint. Fine teas, homemade scones and fabulous clotted cream are just some of the foods on offer. From £19.50 per person, or £17.50 for two or more people sharing, Barker Tea House’s delicious vintage high tea is a must.

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