The Best Afternoon Tea in Coventry

Afternoon Tea Coventry

Worried about being “Sent to Coventry”? Don’t be! Idioms aside, this is an exciting town in the heart of England. The nightlife is abundant, there are plenty of award-winning museums and parks and as well shall discover, the afternoon tea in Coventry isn’t half bad either.

Medieval Cream Tea at Coombe Abbey Afternoon Tea

A truly extraordinary afternoon tea location in the heart of Coventry and one that draws countless visitors to this great city every single year. The front of the building looks like a grand manor house, resplendent in all its glory. The rear is like a different world, with the back of the building looking out onto a small courtyard and a bridge, either side of which is a river that gently laps the building.

There is a maze onsite and there are beautiful hotel rooms too. And that’s before we even get to the actual tea. The building may have a Medieval feel to it, what with the moat and maze, but the food is very modern, with mini pots of moose, little cakes and more.

There is a great selection of drinks served with this afternoon tea and it’ll cost you less than £30 per person. Fantastic value for an amazing cream tea in one of Warwickshire’s best hotels.

The Rising Stars of the Rising Cafe

In 2017 Rising Cafe became one of the highest rated eateries in Coventry, making its place at the top of TripAdvisor. And it deserved that top spot, because this is as good as afternoon tea gets in Coventry.

It is located within Coventry Cathedral itself, which means you can enjoy traditional cream tea in the city’s main tourist attraction. Everything is homemade, including scones and jams, and there is freshly brewed tea and coffee served along with it. You can also opt for a hot chocolate if you prefer, a sweet and creamy alternative to add some real class to your Coventry cream tea.

Mini Delight at Jacobean Hotel

Cream Tea Coventry

Costing just under £13 per person this is a avery affordable afternoon tea, but you get a lot for your money. They serve mini scones, cakes, sandwiches and more. Everything is beautifully presented, tastes divine and there is plenty to choose from as well.

You can even choose your own sandwiches, with a selection of sumptuous fillings to choose from and with options for vegetarians and other diets. The icing on this delectable mini cake is the delicious range of teas and coffees they have on offer.

Luscious Cakes at Lucia’s

This location is tiny compared to the other ones on this list. It’s easy to miss and very easy to overlook, but it would be a mistake to do so as this is one of the best afternoon teas in the city.

The tearoom itself is located on Earlsdon High Street, crammed between two other small stores. Despite its unimposing facade, however, it’s all very nicely decorated and oozes with a vintage aesthetic. There are homemade breads, cakes, scones and more and everything has a Mediterranean feel to it as the owner hails from Italy.

His take on English afternoon tea is still very traditional as you would expect, but there are a few unique twists thrown in that make this a standout venue for tea lovers.