The Best Afternoon Tea in Derbyshire

Afternoon Tea Derbyshire

Derbyshire is located on the edge of the Peak District, a beautiful part of the country that has plenty to offer fans of small cities and countrysides alike. In this short guide we’ll focus on the best cream tea offerings in this county, covering the big hotels as well as the small tearooms and cafes.

This is the best afternoon tea in Derbyshire. In our opinion at least.

Fine High Tea at Chatsworth House

Located near Bakewell, the home of the world famous tarts, it’s no surprise that this cream tea goes all-out when it comes to the treats. This is traditional afternoon tea at its very best and there are mini scones, cakes and sandwiches to indulge in as well.

The cakes are what sets this place apart from the rest, with syrup drenched rum cakes, cutely decorated macaroons and little pots of creme brûlée. There are also plenty of teas to choose from and you can enjoy all of this in grand and glorious surroundings.

You will need to book in advance though as this is one of the most popular afternoon tea locations in Derbyshire. You can take in the full tour as well if you want, with the option to add a complete tour and visit of the house and grounds to your tea. The afternoon tea itself is just over £20, while the full VIP treatment is £40.

Second Floor Treats at the Snug-Bow Boutique

Afternoon tea at the Snug-Bow Boutique is served on the second floor of the Bow Boutique, a gift shop located in the heart of Matlock. It’s an often overlooked gem, one that serves up a host of sandwiches, treats and teas for less than £13 per person.

A single order of cream tea at the Snug-Bow Boutique will get you plenty of cake, scones and all of the trimmings, including clotted cream and jam. The scones are big and chunky, the sandwiches are thickly sliced triangles as opposed to thin fingers, and you’ll get big pots of cream and jam instead of those tiny little ones.

The only question on your sugar-soaked lips after leaving the Snug-Bow Boutique will be, “How did all of that only cost £12.95?”.

Class in the Heart of Derby with 1750 Tearoom

Cream Tea Derbyshire

This tearoom will take you back a couple hundred years to a time of true decadence, with tea-ware that looks like it was borrowed from Buckingham palace and treats straight out of a modern patisserie. The tea is also beautiful, with plenty to choose from.

All of this will cost you just £15 per person, making it one of the cheapest traditional afternoon teas in Derbyshire.

Cozy Cream Tea at Lavender Tearooms

This is another Bakewell cream tea spot, one that is equally impressive on the cake front but one that also has a few tiers of sandwiches for you to enjoy. The tea is served in beautiful little pots and cups, the tiers of food pack in plenty of cakes, scones and sandwiches (there are five tiers in total) and you’ll have a choice of black tea, green tea and even Prosecco.

There is also a proper Bakewell tart, which is the centrepiece of the whole show, and an impressive show it is. To top it off, this cream tea will cost you less than £16 per person. Real good value for a really great afternoon tea.