Afternoon Tea in Dublin

Afternoon Tea Dublin

Cream tea is as big in Ireland as it is in England and Scotland and there are just as many great locations in which you can enjoy this British specialty. In this afternoon tea in Dublin guide we’ll focus on the finest fare right in the country’s capital, with no shortage of top venues and menus to take in.

Cream Tea at the Westbury

With a header that rolls of your tongue as smoothly as that, you know you’re in for a treat. This is the grandest and most luxurious place to enjoy afternoon tea in Dublin. It’s their equivalent of The Ritz, and that’s as true of the decor and the menu as it is the price.

Afternoon tea at the Westbury will set you back close to €50 per person, a sizeable fee in anyone’s book. You get a lot of great food and drink for that money though and there is also a grand open fireplace and live piano music accompanying you as you drink and eat.

You can book afternoon tea at the Westbury between 1:30pm and 5pm everyday and its central location in Dublin means it’s just a short walk from the main shopping areas.

High Tea at the Shelbourne Hotel

This is a 5-star hotel that offers up a true 5-star experience for diners looking for the best. The hotel has a long history and has stood for nearly 200 years, offering fine dining and hospitality in the heart of Ireland’s capital. There are over 260 recently renovated bedrooms and some grand dining rooms in which you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and, best of all, afternoon tea!

According to the hotel’s official website, their afternoon tea is popular with famous local celebs and considering this is one of the must-see locations in the city and one that draws many celebs into its five-star suites, that doesn’t surprise us.

Afternoon tea at the Shelbourne Hotel Dublin costs €49 per person and there is also a children’s version if you have little ones in tow. There is also a steakhouse and seafood restaurant in the building called The Saddle Room and the No. 27 Bar & Lounge.

Afternoon Tea at the Westin

Cream Tea Dublin

This one is a little cheaper than the options above, coming in at just over €30 per person. It’s still more than you pay in many smaller tearooms across England, including many of the menus we discussed in Northumberland, but for a top hotel in a capital city it’s fantastic.

The best offering here is The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, where you can take a trip down your own rabbit hole and enjoy cute and crazy creations alongside a soothing cup of black tea. Everything in this cream tea is unique and a little quirky, from the handmade cups and saucers to the treats and sandwiches. It reminds us of some of the quirky establishments we visited (and loved) in York, Solihull and Wiltshire.

If you want something a little less traditional but still crave the quality food, service and surroundings, this could be just what you need.

More Cream Tea Locations in Dublin

There are so many great venues to enjoy afternoon tea here that it would be a disservice to limit this guide to just three. Other great places include:

  • Ariel House: This one offers a historic take on a traditional experience. It’s Victorian cream tea, taking you back in time to enjoy the best of British.
  • Morrison Hotel: You will pay just €20 to €25 per person here, making it one of the most affordable places to enjoy a great high tea menu in Dublin.
  • The Beacon Hotel: This one usually caters for large groups and is a good option if you have a large family or group of friends with you. They have a traditional tea menu for a group of 10 that will ensure everyone is well fed.