Afternoon Tea in the Midlands

Afternoon Tea in the Midlands

We have covered the best afternoon tea locations all across the United Kingdom, from the north of England, in towns like Jesmond and cities like Newcastle, to South Wales and cities like Cardiff and to Scotland and cities like Edinburgh.

The Midlands often gets left out, but not here. We have plenty of guides covering the best places to enjoy afternoon tea in the Midlands, focusing on the biggest cities and towns, both in terms of population and popularity with tourists.

Where is the Midlands?

The Midlands is a broad and not entirely defined area of England that roughly covers the middle of the country, spanning areas north of London, and stopping short of the north east and the north west.

From our point of view, it’s simply an area that covers all kinds of great towns and cities we have written about on this site. These include everywhere from Birmingham to Coventry and more, basically anywhere we couldn’t fit into our other regional categories.

The biggest city in the Midlands in Birmingham, which is also the second biggest city in England in terms of population. This city is rich in culture and packed full of great food, second only to London in that respect. But there are other great towns and cities in which you can enjoy a bite to eat or a great cup of tea or coffee.

Afternoon Tea in the Midlands

To learn more about afternoon tea in the Midlands and to read the many guides that we have written on this subject, check the links below:

If your town or city is not yet linked above and you can’t find it in the menu either (look under Afternoon Tea in the Midlands> City Name) then simply contact us and let us know. We’re working on adding new locations all of the time and there are still many to go, and while we can’t make any promises, requests like this spur us on.

If you own a tearoom or hotel that offers a cream tea service and you would like us to review, please also visit our contact page (linked above) and take a look at our FAQ. Again, we can’t make any promises and it’s not easy for any of our writers to travel to specific locations nationwide just to review them. But we will certainly take a look and see if there is anything we can do.

Other Great Places

Just because you have left London and are heading north doesn’t mean that you’re going to miss out on great eateries and tearooms. There are many award-winning locations in the Midlands and beyond where you can enjoy contemporary cream tea and more.

Some of the best ones we have covered on this site include a few hotspots in Northumberland, which is right at the top of the map, and a few great locations in Edinburgh, which is a couple hour’s drive over the border.