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Afternoon Tea North West (Near me in NW of England)

Afternoon Tea North West

The North West of England is an area rich in culture, having produced some of the best bands, sports teams and artists that the world has ever seen. It doesn’t always get the best rep when it comes to this kind of stuff, but there are also some great places to enjoy afternoon tea in the North West.

For regional specific guides and reviews take a look at the options below. To learn more about enjoying cream teas and other great fare in this region, keep reading.

Pros of Afternoon Tea in the North West

Arguably the best thing about afternoon tea in the North West is that there are so many options available and most are very affordable when compared to the prices you will pay in London and the South East. That doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the quality of the food or the aesthetic though as there are plenty of grand and glorious hotels, tearooms and manor houses in which to enjoy cream tea.

In Chester, for instance, you have the Grosvenor, one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the North of England, while in Liverpool you have a number of hotels that overlook the Mersey. If pomp and kitsch is more your thing then you can drop by Blackpool, where the prices are even lower and there is also some fun to be had.

There is also plenty of culture to absorb yourself in. Not only is Liverpool the birthplace of The Beatles and Manchester the launching pad for Britpop and for bands like The Smiths and Joy Division, but the cities also have a number of great museums, nightclubs and restaurants. If you want something a little more historic, Chester is just a stone’s throw away and is one of the most intact and spectacular Roman cities in the country.

Cons of Afternoon Tea in the North West

There aren’t that many negatives when it comes to afternoon tea in the North West. However, great cream tea and great food can be more hit and miss here than anywhere else. This is especially true of towns like Blackpool, which cater for stag and hen parties and tend to focus more on quick, easy and cheap food than on quality.

Your odds of finding some great tasting vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menus are also lower than they are in other regions. That’s not true of the big cities as the likes of Manchester tend to cater just as much for alternative diets as London does, but it is true of smaller towns and villages and there are still tearooms in these towns where you will be treated with suspicion if you don’t eat meat, wheat or dairy.

Don’t let that perpetuate the stereotype that the North of England is backward though. We have lived in the North all of our lives and it’s very rare that we encounter restaurants that won’t cater for our needs as vegetarians. Such instances do occur more here than they do down south, but they are still rare.

These days we even have bubble tea, and that’s a victory that we’re happy to take.