Afternoon Tea in Rutland

Afternoon Tea Rutland

Rutland is a haven for countryside relaxation, home to countless country homes and to some of the best afternoon tea in the country. This is as British as it gets, so enjoy some afternoon tea in Rutland with these top locations.

High Tea at The Orangery Restaurant & Garden Cafe

Located in nearby Stamford, this is one of the grandest manor houses in Lincolnshire, not unlike the grand home you’ll see all the way down in Longleat. It is the perfect place to enjoy afternoon tea in Rutland and they also host events, with parties, weddings and anything else that takes your fancy.

Afternoon tea isn’t the main focus at The Orangery, it’s far too big for that. You can shop, you can dine, you can enjoy the gardens and you can walk around the home itself. There is a large area in which you can enjoy tea and coffee though and this is served most days throughout the year, with afternoon tea taking up just a small part of every day at The Orangery Restaurant & Garden Cafe.

The Falcon

Located in Uppingham, The Falcon Hotel is an upmarket place where you can enjoy lunch, brunch, afternoon tea and more. There are rooms that overlook the marketplace and there is plenty of cosy seating throughout. It’s formal, but it’s also relaxed—just what you need to enjoy a spot of high tea in rutland.

The Falcon building is a good 50 years old, steeped in the area’s history. And because it’s a hotel/inn, you can book yourself a room for the night if you fall in love with the place as so many visitors do.

Gates Nursery

This is a small, quaint, family run business that has stood for more than half a century and has played a huge role in the Rutland community. A great place for a cup of tea or coffee any time of day and also one of the most affordable afternoon tea services in all of Rutland.

Stapleford Park

Just like The Orangery, this is another grand place to enjoy the finest tea and coffee in Rutland. It is a country house that is just a stone’s throw from Melton Mowbray, a famous hotspot on the food and drink landscape of the United Kingdom. Stapleford Park offers a complete experience, with afternoon tea, breakfast and brunch, a spa, a golf course, and much more. That’s why this is such a popular option for weddings and other special events.

Barnsdale Lodge

Cream Tea Rutland

Once voted as one of the 20 Places for a Warm Welcome by The Telegraph, this is a small (when compared to the afternoon tea places above) building that was once a farmhouse and has since been converted into a warm, cozy lodge where you are welcome to enjoy some speciality teas.

The building may be small, but it has just as much history as the grand manor houses nearby. In fact, it has been standing for over 300 years and as well as a farmhouse, it has also been a hunting lodge.

Normanton Park Hotel

Another grand and special location where you can enjoy afternoon tea, the Normanton Park Hotel has also hosted countless weddings over the years, bearing witness to the vows of hundreds of happy couples. You can enjoy all that this hotel has to offer without forking over several thousands for a big wedding—just rock-up for their daily afternoon tea service to enjoy some speciality teas, sandwiches and cakes.