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Afternoon Tea South West (Near me in SW of England)

Afternoon Tea South West

The South West of England is home to some of the most beautiful towns and villages in the country. It has a wealth of history attached to it and as we will discover in this short guide, afternoon tea in the South West is also pretty special. There are things here that you just won’t get to experience elsewhere in the country, things that will excite the tastebuds of any true tea lover.

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Tea in the South West

We’ll discuss what makes cream tea so special here soon, but first let’s focus on the scenery and the history, because that’s what makes any visit to the South West really worthwhile. It is what you will get to immerse yourself in if you are a tourist and it’s what you’re likely see out of your window and experience in your chosen venue whether you’re a tourist or local.

The South West of England is rich in history, more so than any other part of the UK. You have the historic spa city of Bath, where some of the most beautiful buildings in the country stand and where you can sample life as it was back in the Roman times. You also have Stonehenge, for when you want your history a little more ancient, and Glastonbury for some history that’s a little more modern.

The South West of England is also where the King Arthur legends were born and you will hear these stories and see artifacts of ancient Britain throughout museums in this region.

Afternoon Tea in the South West of England

The South West is a gorgeous part of the country and there are few better places to enjoy a nice cup of tea as you soak up the scenery. This is where you want to spend your summers, it’s where you want to retire.

The South West is naturally beautiful, it gets some of the best weather in the United Kingdom and it also has a rich history, as mentioned above. There is nothing not to like here.

As far as afternoon tea goes, there are a few treats to discover. Firstly, you have unique cider and Cornish pasties down in Cornwall; you have the famous Devon cream teas; and this is also the region where Cheddar cheese was born. Put all of those things together, add some quality British tea and you’re good to go.

And by British tea we don’t mean an imported blend, because there are actual plantations in the UK and if you’re in the South West then you’re just a stone’s throw from them. Cornish Tea is a tea producer operating its own plantations in Cornwall and selling teas to the best tearooms up and down the country. If you’re going to stop by and enjoy the best cream tea then you need to make sure there is a cup of local camellia sinensis on the menu.