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Four of the Best Afternoon Tea in Teeside in 2018

Afternoon Tea in Teeside

Where is the best place to enjoy afternoon tea in Teeside? That’s the question on the agenda today and in this guide we’ll look at the best tearooms, hotels, and more for you to enjoy cream teas and other delights in 2018.

Teeside is not the most sought-after destination in the UK, but there is still a lot to see and do here and it’s on-route to some great locations, whether you’re traveling north to Newcastle and Northumberland, west to Chester, or south to the Midlands and areas like Derbyshire and Rutland.

Cream Tea at the Patisserie Valerie

Easily one of the best places to enjoy afternoon tea in Teeside, Patisserie Valerie wraps around the corner of Newport Road, its glass facade tempting in passersby with warm decor and delicious treats.

It’s definitely the cakes and scones that take center stage here. It is a patisserie in every sense of the world, which means this is not the sort of place you should visit if you are on a diet.

Afternoon tea at this Middlesbrough location will cost you £25, but you get enough for two people. It’s not going to fill you up, but for a high tea selection it’s ideal and it’s a great way to sample a few delights served with a selection of loose leaf teas.

Tea and Cocktails at Alchemy & Co

If you prefer your after tea a little boozier then drop by this location on Linthorpe Road where you can get your treats and you sandwiches served with cocktails instead of tea or coffee (or as well as if you prefer).

You will pay just over £20 per person for this treat.

Afternoon Tea at Acklam Hall

If you are looking for a bite to eat in a grand and glorious location more befitting of the big rural locations found in Northumberland and Durham, then book yourself in for the afternoon at Acklam Hall.

There are leather sofas, plus seats, chandeliers, and everything else you would expect from a dining room at a grand location. There are great sandwiches and treats served for just £21 per person and you can also enjoy a selection of strong black tea, healthy green tea, and plenty of flavored teas and herbal teas as well.

If you have kids in tow then you can get the Child’s Afternoon Tea selection for them, which is roughly half the price and contains smaller potions of more child-friendly food.

Wynyard Hall

Wynyard Hall is even bigger and even grander than Acklam, and the selection is just as diverse. You can get a tasty high tea service for £22.50 per person and you can upgrade to some bubbly for just £6 extra.

There are delicious homemade scones with clotted cream and jam, a host of cakes and pastries, and plenty of little sandwiches to go along with them. If you opt for the normal cream tea and not the Procecco one then you’ll also get a choice of a number of different loose leaf teas, with coffee offered to the non-tea drinkers among you.