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Tea is big business right now. In the United Kingdom it still leads the way ahead of coffee and while it is decreasing in sales, herbal teas are on the increase. You also have to consider that while Brits are steadily turning away from black tea in favour of coffee, Americans are making a switch in the opposite direction, while India and China are still as passionate about tea as they have always been.

This drink will remain as the world’s biggest for many years to come, but it is our mission to restore some of the passion that Brits have for the old-school varieties of this drink.

We have countless articles on the best places to enjoy afternoon tea and on the many different types of tea there are, but another way we hope to ignite some lost passion is to bring the best and move exciting tea brands to the fore. It doesn’t matter if they are new or old, big or small; if we think they are doing something that tea drinkers need to know about the we will make an effort to review them and to post those reviews in this section.

The Habit of Generations

Tea Brand Reviews
The problem with British tea drinkers is that we tend to stick with the things we’ve always known. We drink PG Tips, Yorkshire Tea, Tetley or Typhoo because we always have. We use teabags because they are quick and convenient and we don’t really pay attention to much else, even though those teabags often contain low quality “tea dust”, as well as plastic that is probably not good for our health and is definitely not good for the environment.

These brands aren’t bad. We drink them ourselves in a pinch and they fill a niche for budget, convenient tea, but it’s easy to fall out of love with tea when this is all you drink.

On the flip side, you have brands like TeaPigs, who use only recyclable tea bags and whole leaf tea. There is no tea dust, no poor quality product and many exciting teas and flavors to try. There are more brands out there like this and since starting TeaReviews we have been introduced to a number of them. Some of these have been going for several years but haven’t really been given the attention they deserve, others operate in a relatively unknown niche and others are brand new.

Those are the sort of companies we focus on in these reviews, but we also discuss the brands you probably know and might have even tried, seeing how they stack-up.

More Reviews

If you would like us to consider your brand/company or even your blend (we review many different types of tea as well) then take a look at our contact page where you can learn just what our procedure is. We like our writers to be the ones who choose what to review as that way we can make sure we’re only reviewing companies we actually like, staying positive and giving good companies exposure in the process. But if we like what you’re doing and have overlooked you, we would be happy to consider a review.