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Contact Us and Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us

If you have something you need to get off your chest, whether you want to ask us something about our process, our advertising or our reviews, then you can use this Contact Us page. Before you skip to the form at the end, however, please skim through the frequently asked questions below to see if you can find one that answers your question. Our editor gets more requests than they can handle and to save on they time and sanity we’ve told them to ignore the ones already answered below, allowing them to focus more time on the ones that have not been addressed.

Will You Join Our Affiliate Program?

No. We are very selective about which sponsors we allow on the site and this includes affiliates above all others. We are not big fans of how many affiliate programs operate and usually disregard dozens for every 1 that we actually consider. If you have an affiliate program that is widely available then there is a good chance that we have already considered it. But still, even if it is not part of a major program, please don’t contact us about it.

What if Our Affiliate Program is Exclusive?

That’s great, but it’s still not for us. We appreciate that some of the people contacting us have taken the time to read the question and answer above, but we have to reiterate that we are really not interested in any affiliate programs if we are approached directly by the owners of said program.

Do you Accept Guest Posts?

No, we do not. Our site simply does not facilitate this sort of post and we’re not interested in accepting any such material. We get a lot of requests about the fact and the bulk of these requests seem to be copy & pasted spam. We understand that this FAQ likely won’t help to dissuade them, but we thought we would mention it anyway—maybe there are a few out there paying attention.

Will you Review Our Tearoom?

We like to get a taste for the tearooms that we visit and the services that we write about. We have a few writers working on TeaReviews who are able to make this happen, but it’s not easy for us to meet requests like this. This is a project of passion, one without a big budget, so even if we’re offered free cream tea (which would be amazing!) the travel that would be required to enjoy it, as well as the arrangements we would need to make to allow it, would not be feasible.

You are welcome to make such a request if you want, but please understand that there is a very good chance we will be unable to fulfill it.

Will you Review my Tea?

This is a different story as we don’t need to travel far to drink tea. We can do it in the comfort of our own home, providing it is sent to us or to our writers, of course. If you have a tea blend that you would like us to review then please contact us using the form below. We only request that a sample is sent to our writers, the details of which can be arranged.

Our reviews are honest, so we can’t guarantee that the review will be positive and we also ask that you don’t send pointers for our writers to include in their review. Our goal is to provide our readers with an honest review, not to keep manufacturers happy by touching upon points they want us to mention.

It’s also worth noting that we are unable to accept all requests for tea blends, even if samples are offered, simply because our writers work on a limited timeframe and our site has limited space.

Do you Have a Sponsored Program?

We do, but we are very selective about what we allow in this program and it does not include guest posts, as mentioned above. We do work with a few small companies in placing banner adverts and other such promotional material on the site, but if you contact us and tell us a little about you budget, your company and you needs, we may be able to help you once any active ad campaigns have ended.

What Companies Does your Sponsored Program Work With?

We aren’t big fan of affiliate programs, so we try to work with companies willing to pay for the placement of banners instead. As mentioned already, we’ve very selective about which companies we work with. We like niche brands that sell organic, interesting products, have an independent heart and are fun to work with. This pretty much rules out the huge commercial brands, but there are more and more up-and-coming and established brands that fit the mold and we have mentioned some of the better ones on this site already.

Simply put, we like to work with the kind of brands that we would be happy to promote even if there was no sponsorship package, as that way we don’t feel like we’re selling out. In fact, there are a couple of tea brands we mention a lot simply because we genuinely like them, even though we we are not a part of their affiliate programs.

Why Didn’t you Respond to my Email?

As mentioned above, we don’t have a great deal of time to devote to responding to emails. We will try to get to your message within 3 working days, but if it has been answered in the FAQ above then we may not send a response out. Please be patience with us on this and don’t send follow-up emails asking us if we received your message.

Do you Sell a Product?

No. We are affiliated with other companies and we may promote them from time to time through the use of banners, text links and more. However, we do not sell a product directly on TeaReviews.co.uk. We do have aspirations of creating our own tea blend, as do all tea lovers, but even if that day comes it’s unlikely that you will see such products sold directly on this website.

After you Contact Us

You can use the form below to get in touch. Give us as much information as you feel is needed and please try to avoid the spam messages. If you have made it this far and are still prepared to hit the “paste” button into the fields below, then please stop for a moment and take a look at the frequently asked questions above, because we’ve covered why such questions are probably not going to receive the positive reply that you might be expecting or hoping for.