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Privacy Policy

The terms listed herein concern the privacy policies of TeaReviews and what they mean to the readers of this website.

Your Information

As a content website TeaReviews do not sell a product or a service. There is therefore no reason for us to request, take or store sensitive personal information or financial details from our readers. There are instances in which we may request some very basic personal information from you though, including:

  • Contact Forms: These are available on our contact page and can be used to send us questions, comments and general feedback.
  • Newsletters: These are used to send periodic emails to readers, but only when they request and the newsletter may not be available at all times.
  • Competitions: These are temporary events that we may provide every now and then for the benefit of our readers.

What Information we Take

If you use our contact form then you will be asked to submit your name and your email address to allow us to send a reply and to address it to you personally. If you signup for a newsletter then this information will be used to send you periodic emails. The same applies to any competitions that we decide to run in the future.

At not point will we request any financial information, nor will we request your address, telephone number or anything else of a sensitive nature.

How we Keep it Safe

In most cases your details will be deleted when they are no longer needed. However, they may be stored on our email servers. These servers are only accessed by the owners and operators of TeaReviews and they will only be used to correspond with you if you have asked us a question.

In the event of competitions and newsletters your basic personal information will be stored by a secure third-party newsletter provider, with only the editor of TeaReviews having access to this server.


TeaReviews uses cookies to make browsing easier for readers. We believe these to be safe and to benefit readers, which is why we use them.

Affiliates and Their Policies

Our affiliates may request such information. They will also operate to a different set of privacy policies. We advise all readers of TeaReviews who leave this site for another to pay close attention to the policies of said site in order to ensure they conform to their needs. This is especially true of e-commerce sites that sell a product or a service and therefore request sensitive personal information and financial information.

Such sites may have different policies than us with regards to information gathering, storage, cookies and more.

Consent and Changes

By continuing to use the TeaReviews website while these terms are active you are hereby giving your consent for them. This continues to apply if we make changes to these terms, which we reserve the right to do if we deem it necessary.

You should also check with our Terms and Conditions to learn more about our policies, and our About Us page if you want to learn more about us.