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Review of Pukka Teas and Their Range (Detox, Cleanse, Nighttime)

Pukka Teas Detox

Pukka Tea are a UK tea company that have been making a name for themselves for over 15 years now. They sell a huge range of tea, with very affordable prices and a very intriguing selection. So, let’s take a look at those teas and see how their range stacks up against everything else on the market.

The Best and Worst Pukka Teas

We like most of the Pukka range. Here is a pick of our favourites, as well as some teas that seem to be the most popular. There is a lot to get through and we really have just cherry-picked a small number here, so this is by no means an assessment of the whole range.

Pukka Chamomile, Vanilla and Manuka Honey

It’s hard to find a good, cheap chamomile that comes in teabags. Many supermarket own brands taste like they have been sitting on the shelf for several years, and others don’t have any taste at all. It’s not chamomile, or at least it’s not chamomile as we know it.

Pukka Chamomile is different, yet it falls within the same price range so it means you have no excuse not to buy this instead of the other stuff. The addition of vanilla flavouring, liquorice, Manuka and fennel add some extra oomph to the tea, but the chamomile is of a good enough quality to still come though. Not as good as some of the top end 100% chamomile flowers out there, but better than anything else within this price range.

Pukka Tea Revitalise Review

This is a mixture of herbs and spices that are supposed to perk you up. We are not a big believer in stimulant teas of any nature simply because they don’t work for us. It’s either caffeine or nothing at all. However, we like this tea because it allows us to make our on unique chai tea.

This blend is a mixture of some spices often used to make Indian spiced tea, as well as a delicate touch of green tea. When combined with a good, strong black tea, plenty of honey and a dollop of milk, it creates a unique afternoon tea that is unlike anything we have tasted before. We love afternoon tea as far as cream scones, cakes and finger sandwiches go, but the afternoon tea blend, which is green tea and black tea, has ever really won us over.

This tea changes that and you can even use the Pukka Breakfast Blend as the black tea. Just have a play around with it to get the strength right and make sure you include honey and milk. This is a tea that is supposed to be sweet and milky.

Pukka Cinnamon Tea Review

Another tea that works well when added to others, this one is a mixture of three different types of cinnamon. It has a unique flavour. It’s rich, delicate, spicy and sweet. It is a flavour sensation that shouldn’t work, but does. We have created many concoctions out of this and most of them have been a roaring success.

We tried it with a little ginger and turmeric to make a spicy, healthy tea; we tried it a spiced black tea; and we tried it in our own version of a hot toddy, with spiced butter and rum. All of these things worked well, and if you like the alcohol angle and want even more bite you can even try it with a splash of Fireball liqueur.

Pukka Cleanse Review

Pukka Teas Cleanse

The word “cleanse” makes us cringe when it comes to tea, almost as much as “detox”, which we will ge to shortly. We understand the need to include it. It’s a buzzword and one that many tea drinkers and supplement buyers are happy to buy into. But it’s often misused. One of our pet peeves is the excessive use of laxatives, diuretics and the potentially harmful herbs that can do damage when consumed to excess.

Pukka Cleanse is a little guilty of this as well, albeit not to the extent that we have seen in the past. It includes dandelion, liquorice and nettle, all of which are diuretics, and it also includes aloe vera, which acts as a laxative. The addition of peppermint and fennel help to soothe the stomach, but it’s still a mix of herbs that work to flush out waste and water from your body, making you feel better after one or two cups, but potentially causing harm if you drink to excess.

It’s very important to limit your consumption of teas like this. They are not to be drunk everyday and you need to make sure you drink plenty of water as well. The laxatives here are not as excessive as they are in other “cleanse” teas so the risk is much less, but the diuretics are potent.

Pukka Detox Tea Review

This is much better than the Pukka Cleanse tea. It does have some mild diuretics, but nothing drastic. It also contains a selection of spices that have a soothing effect on the digestive tract. If you are undergoing a detox of any type, whether one that involves fasting or just a lot of juices and smoothies, it’s good to have something like this on the side to keep you hot, cosy and healthy.

It’s actually a very similar mix to their After Dinner, both of which serve the same purpose as far as we can tell.

Pukka Night Time Tea Review

This one doesn’t interest us as much as the chamomile mentioned above. It has lavender in though and there is also some oat straw, which has been linked to some interesting studies suggesting it could be beneficial.

We’re not big fans of the addition of liquorice, which is a diuretic, but they clearly have their reasons and this tea tastes great, so we can’t argue.

Overall Pukka Tea Review

Pukka Teas Review
As much as we like the range of teas that Pukka have on offer, there are a few things that we’re not 100% happy with. We much prefer the setup of brands like TeaPigs, where you pay a little more but you get something that is of a higher quality. Pukka teas are great and they are probably the best budget teas you will find in the supermarket, but it’s the brands like TeaPigs that we respect more these days because they are doing something different.

We would definitely recommend these guys and don’t want you to think that we’re in anyway putting them down. We love them and we have a cupboard full of their teas, so by all means try them and we’re sure you will love them too.