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Ronnefeldt Tea Review: Who Are They and What We Think

Ronnefeldt Tea Review
Never heard of Ronnefeldt Tea? Probably not, if you live in the United States. This is a German tea company, and its teas are offered primarily in Europe.

Curious to know more about this “luxury tea brand?” Read on to find out about Ronnefeldt Tea philosophy and where you can find the blends.

Ronnefeldt Tea

When you visit a hotel outside the UK, you’ll often find a little coffee pot in your room. Beside the coffee pot are a few sealed packs of java along with some sugar packets and a few tea bags. If you’re lucky, the tea bags are Lipton. If you’re in an “economy” hotel, you’re probably looking at an off brand. Here in the UK, you’re more likely to find Twinings or, a brand only just beaten by TeaPigs and Whittard in our eyes.

Ronnefeldt Tea does just this. They’re not the off brand, but they’re certainly a step above the Lipton pouches you’ll find on petrol station counters. Ronnefeldt Tea has worked with luxury hotels worldwide to offer in-room and in-hotel tea to guests in over 70 countries

Who are Ronnefeldt Tea?

Teehaus Ronnefeldt was founded in 1823. A German man named Johann Tobias Ronnefeldt had a passion for tea which was furthered by his global travels. After visiting Rotterdam and London, he was inspired to create his own blends of tea, and the company was born.

The founder’s greatest accomplishment was, perhaps, becoming a primary supplier to the Russian Tsar soon after the company was launched. But even aside from that achievement, the Ronnefeldt Tea name is synonymous with luxury hotels in Germany, Russia and nations around the globe.

Ronnefeldt Tea Blends

Ronnefeldt Tea offer many different options to tea lovers. You’ll find greens, blacks and white teas. They offer herbal blends and aromatic greens. There are even a few ayurvedic teas and wellness blends to choose from.

The pride of Ronnefeldt Tea is the sourcing. The company source their tea from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and China. There’s also a smattering of teas sourced from Colombia and Africa.

Most important to understand about Ronnefeldt Tea is their philosophy. The company strives to use teas from only the most important tea regions in the world. They also claim to make their teas by hand, from picking to withering.

The company has invested in the TeaMasters training program, which many of its employees and the hoteliers who serve the tea undergo. In short, the company is proud to have a reputation of tradition which dates back almost 200 years.

Where to Find Ronnefeldt Tea

You probably won’t find Ronnefeldt Tea in your local supermarket in the UK. If you’re in the US you definitely won’t find it in your local grocery store.  There are a few retailers who import the tea to the States, but the quality and freshness of those imports is, at best, questionable.

Elsewhere on the continent, it’s a bit easier to get your hands on Ronnefeldt Tea than it is in the States and, for the most part, the United Kingdom as well. You can order it online from the one supplier who offers it.

If you happen to be visiting Frankfurt, stop by the Teehaus Ronnefeldt retail location in the MyZeil Shopping Center.