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Skinny Tea Review: Does it Work, Side Effects and More

Skinny Tea

Does Skinny Tea work? Is Skinny Tea safe? What’s in Skinny Tea? We get a lot of questions like these about this and other weight loss and detox teas, and we’re happy to oblige! Here’s everything you need to know about Skinny Tea.

What Does Skinny Tea Do?

Skinny Tea is one of those brands that calls itself a “teatox.” Yes, there are very many of those. And while it ceases to be clever after the hundredth one, it still may make you curious about the efficacy of the product. It also might make you wonder, “what the heck is a teatox?”

A “teatox” is a fabricated term that usually describes a tea that’s meant to cleanse toxins from the body and jump start a weight loss program. Is there truth to the detox theory? Well, maybe. Studies have shown that some herbs and vitamins may help to flush toxins from the body. But is it a definitive lifestyle change? Absolutely not.

So, what does Skinny Tea do? Skinny Tea is advertised to detoxify the body. The company also advertises that you may burn calories, your appetite may be suppressed, and you may lose weight while you’re drinking the tea.

Does Skinny Tea Work?

First things first, let’s go over what’s in Skinny Tea. Skinny Tea contains all the usual suspects that you’ll find in weight loss teas and “teatox” products. There’s senna leaf, ginseng, chrysanthemum, and other herbal, natural products. You can find a complete list of ingredients on the Skinny Tea website.

The single most important thing you need to know about the ingredients in Skinny Tea is that several are diuretics and several are laxatives. As with a majority of products like this one, you’ll probably spend a lot of time in the bathroom if you try it.

Does Skinny Tea work? If you want to detox your system, the short answer is, “who knows?” There’s no standard definition of “cleanse,” nor of “detox.” The words are very much jargon, and since no one knows what they mean, we can’t know if the tea works.

If by “detox” you mean lose fluids, then yes. You will lose fluids when you drink Skinny Tea. You’ll likely lose 5 pounds or so in the first few days, but rest assured – when the diarrhea stops, so will your weight loss.

Should You Try Skinny Tea?

Does Skinny Tea Work

Skinny Tea will help you lose a few pounds in the first few days. And, all said, there’s nothing innately harmful about the tea. It even contains actual tea – the caffeine in that tea may help you to lose weight.

But there are other, better ways to lose weight than spending the day on the throne. In fact, just green tea can help you to lose weight gently. The caffeine will boost your metabolism gently, allowing you to burn calories throughout the day.

We recommend that, for a quick few pounds, sure. Go give Skinny Tea a try. But if it’s a long term solution to a weight problem, there are much safer, more comfortable options available to you.