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Slim Tea from Holland and Barrett Review

Slim Tea Review

Holland and Barrett is a great source for affordable vitamins and supplements in the United Kingdom. There are some issues with the chain, such as the emphasis on quantity over quality and the fact that their imported products and/or sports supplements (ON Whey is a great example) are massively overpriced. But they still rein supreme when it comes to health and wellbeing in the UK and they are therefore a popular retailer of detox teas and sliming teas.

There are a few Holland and Barrett Slim Teas, some of which are exclusive to them, while others are made by national and even international brands. In this guide to Holland and Barrett slimming teas we’ll provide our opinions on all of them. As always, this is just our opinion, but we don’t have any connection with Holland and Barrett and are not affiliated with them in anyway. That allows us to be a little more honest in our reviews, as you shall see.

Skinny Morning and Skinny Night Tea Review

These two teas form a 14 day detox (or “teatox” as Holland and Barrett prefer to call it) with one designed to be consumed at night and the other in the morning. The ingredients are all organic and there is a pleasant, albeit far from delicious taste. We’re not big on detox teas and think most of them are a waste of time, but if we ignore that for a moment then there are some merits here.

Firstly, the morning tea combines Yerba Mate and a sencha tea, which is a very high quality green tea. This should combine all of the health benefits of green tea with the strong, stimulating kick and digestion soothing properties of the Mate. There is some dandelion root in there and some horsetail as well, both of which act as diuretics, but are also used to aid with digestive and stomach ailments.

The addition of diuretics is not something we like to see, but something that has become the norm in these teas—at least they don’t contain laxatives. However, a bigger issue that we have with this tea is the night-time version. It’s made from rooibos, which is a naturally caffeine-free tea that has many antioxidant properties. But beyond that, there’s not much else of use.

Lemon balm leaves are included and they can help with digestion as well, but the addition of peppermint and hibiscus seems to be more about flavour than anything else. All in all, it’s a well presented tea that tastes okay, but we’re struggling to see the value in it when you consider that it costs £25 for 110 grams.

Holland and Barrett Slim Tea Review

Holland and Barrett Slim Tea

This Holland and Barrett tea is much cheaper than the Skinny Morning and Skinny Night tea, but it’s also not high quality. As above, it contains rooibos and Yerba Mate, and there are also some organic flavourings here, but for some reason it contains psyllium as well.

Psyllium is a bulk forming laxative that is used to add fibre to your diet and it wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) work in a tea bag. Unless we’re missing something, this just seems like a random addition. We like the addition of guarana seeds though as that could provide an extra kick whaler there is also some goodness in fennel that might seep through, but probably not enough considering there is only 3% of fennel by weight and you’re only consuming a small amount.

It’s essentially a low caffeine tea that is high in antioxidants and is cheaper. There are also no laxatives or diuretics, which is a plus.

Ideal Health SlimaTea Review

SlimaTea contains a foundation of sencha green tea, as well as some quality Darjeeling tea and a little peppermint for digestion, but it commits a cardinal sin for weight-loss teas which is the inclusion of senna. Senna, if you didn’t know, is a laxative. The reason we don’t appreciate the inclusion of ingredients like this is because it feel a little underhanded.

If it’s marketed as a detox tea, fair enough. Healthy and hastened bowel movements go hand in hand with detoxes. But if it’s marketed as a weight loss tea, as SlimaTea is, then it’s so wrong. Laxatives will help you to go to the toilet and get rid of waste that would have come out anyway, but it will not aid with fat loss and laxative abuse can cause many serious issues. It’s a problem that is rife in anorexic communities and is getting worse and worse. We can see that it’s wrong, that laxatives shouldn’t be used for those purposes and that the people with this illness are caught in a cycle of self-abuse, so we don’t understand why teas like this are getting away with adding laxatives to their “weight-loss” products and selling them freely.

Take away the senna and you have a decent tea that combines some good antioxidant and healthy flavourings. Leave the senna in and you have something that you really shouldn’t be consuming every day and something that may trick you into thinking it’s more effective than it actually is.

Bootea Teatox Review

Slim Tea Review

Bootea is a good tea brand and one that is marketed both as a weight-loss and a detox product. They also proudly state that their teas are “Senna-free”, which means we had a lot of respect for them from the off. In fact, there are no laxatives in their teas at all and they simply combine quality white, black and green teas with seeds and extracts that promote wellbeing and digestive health.

There are some diuretics in their teas, but only in the ones marketed as detox teas and when you consider that the diuretics used can also help with what we perceive to be the detox process (such as improving liver function) this is acceptable.

Bootea is cheaper than the Skinny Morning and Night and, quite frankly, it’s a far better product. There are a lot of bad reviews based around the fact that this tea didn’t magically help the reviewers to lose weight. But if you go into this assuming that you’re going to see the pounds melt off, then you need to reassess, because no tea can do that and you need a good diet (with a calorie deficit) to notice those results.