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TeaPigs Review

TeaPigs Review

Founded over 10 years ago now, TeaPigs has steadily made its way from humble origins to the very top of the boutique tea industry. Their products can be found in stores across the United Kingdom and they have even started distributing to the United States. We have purchased many TeaPigs products over the years and have learned a lot about them in that time, all of which will be revealed in this honest TeaPigs reviews.

TeaPigs Review: The Good

Firstly, let’s get the highly positive stuff out of the way. Bear with us on this, as there is a lot to cover.

TeaPigs uses only the finest teas in all of their blends. They use plastic-free tea bags (known as “Tea Temples”) for their tea bag products and 100% whole leaf tea for their loose tea. Their packaging is basic, biodegradable and practical and they even use vegetable-based inks. They really have thought of everything and that shows in every single thing that these guys do.

TeaPigs has a couple of basic black tea blends, including an Everyday Blend that is, without a doubt, the best breakfast blend we have ever tasted. If you love a strong cup of black tea, you just have to try this. We prefer it loose, leaving one heaped teaspoon to brew for 4 minutes with a dash of honey. It’s a tea lover’s dream.

They don’t have a host of flavoured black tea blends, and we love them for this. We have been drinking black tea every day for over 30 years and can honestly say that we have absolutely no interest in black tea blends mixed with dried raspberry, vanilla, and everything else you will find on most tea sites. TeaPigs keep it simple with an Earl Grey, a Darjeeling and an Indian Chai Tea in addition to their Everyday Brew.

They ship fast and their teabags are strong and the strings are not prone to falling off as is the case with many others.

TeaPigs Review: The Bad

TeaPigs Worst

We haven’t actually encountered TeaPigs customer support, so we can’t comment on that. But in a way, that’s a good thing. We’ve had countless orders with them over several years and we’re the sort of people to instantly complain if something is wrong. So the fact we have not encountered their support team means we haven’t encountered any problems that need reporting.

There are a few negatives here though. The first is the price. This isn’t a huge issue as we are happy to pay for quality, but if you are on a budget then the price is all you will see. We’ve also had several better versions of some of their top sellers, including Earl Grey. But the vey fact that we see this as a negative, as if we’re expecting them to have the best tasting product 100% of the time, just goes to show how much expectation we have placed on them, all of which is a result of their impeccable standards.

Their tea accessories are one of the few overpriced things that we can’t really see a value in. They are good quality, but we’re pretty sure we’ve seen the exact same ones sell for half the price elsewhere. Still, we can’t be sure that is the case and we have to commend them for creating tea strainers that don’t rust on day 1 and teapots that don’t fall apart after a few brews like all the eBay crap we’ve bought over the years.

TeaPigs Review: The Ugly

Okay, so we got a little carried away with the headers. We had The Good and The Bad, so it seemed only natural to include The Ugly. But, truth be told, there are many more good things than bad things where TeaPigs is concerned and we’re not going to nitpick just for the sake of a header!

“The Ugly” is a good term to describe the tea industry that TeaPigs tried to differentiate itself from though (see, we made it work). As TeaPigs themselves will tell you, a lot of the teas you are sold these days are full of dust, stalks and other low quality parts of the plant. They are then packaged in teabags that contain plastics that won’t biodegrade and may harm your health. That last bit is more speculation than anything else, but regardless of how the FSA classifies them, it’s still not the sort of thing you want to super-heat and then drink.

If any process can leech the toxins out of the plastic that’s it.

One of the things that drew us to TeaPigs in the first place is the fact that they don’t use plastics in their teabags and they don’t use dust in their teas or stalk in their herbal teas. There are other companies doing this and we prefer some other brands when it comes to herbal tea, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a huge amount of respect for TeaPigs.

The Best TeaPigs Teas

TeaPigs Best

We’ve already mentioned the Everyday Brew, which is must for any fans of good quality black teas. It is a mix of just two different teas, but one that comes together perfectly. Here are some other top teas worth trying from TeaPigs:

  • Jelly & Ice Cream Tea: A unique flavour to say the least. This is a limited edition fruit tea that is still available at the time of writing and is made from several dried fruits and natural flavourings.
  • Super Fruit: This is great as an iced tea and if you add a little honey and brew it strong it’s also a fine cup of fruit tea.
  • Chai Tea: If you love your tea with a little spice, just like the super-sweet, milky teas served in India, this is for you. It combines many Indian spices for a sweet, spicy and warming brew.

TeaPigs Summary

TeaPigs are, have always been and will likely remain our main source of red tea, black tea, ginger tea and fruit tea. They were once our source for Matcha tea and chamomile as well, but we since switched to a cheaper supplier for Matcha (because while TeaPigs do have a better product, it’s also much more expensive) and a supplier of a regional-specific tea for chamomile.

We’re not going to give them a star rating because it just doesn’t seem fair. They deserve ten out of ten, yet based on the negatives mentioned above, it wouldn’t make sense for us to do that. So, let’s just finish on one very positive statement instead: TeaPigs is awesome.