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Terms and Conditions

TeaReviews.co.uk is a content website that focuses on providing reviews of tea blends, tea companies, tearooms and more. We are a content website first and foremost (although this may be subject to change) and as a result we have no need to request user information and have no desire to store this information.

Our terms and conditions exist to provide peace of mind to the readers that consume our content on a regular basis. They concern our operations with regards to affiliates, third-party sponsored content, cookies and more.


Because TeaReviews does not sell a product or a service we may choose to affiliate with tea companies in order to cover expenses. We take money from these companies in exchange for providing links or banners advertising their products. Such advertisements should not be taken as endorsements of the product or service being advertised, but we try to affiliate only with the companies whose products and services we have used and enjoyed in the past.

As a review site, we always put honest opinion first, so we also link to a lot of companies that we have no affiliation with. The same applies when we link to many tearooms, such as in our afternoon tea articles. In this case, many of the links and other details are provided without any prior arrangement in the form of advertisement or sponsorship, but advertisements for tearooms and tea blends may still be placed on these pages.

In all cases where sponsored content is present TeaReviews will endeavour to mark it as such in order to maintain complete transparency.


TeaReviews endeavours to provide honest opinions and advice where possible. However, readers are asked to remember that our opinion is not fact, everyone is different and just because we like or dislike something does not mean that others will think the same way.

We try to be as kind as possible, even when we dislike certain products, but we are very kind and very positive when we like something. This creates a friendly atmosphere and means that every company gets the respect they deserve.

Our “best of” tearoom and afternoon tea articles are created based on our limited understanding of specific areas, and just because we exclude certain tearooms and services it does not mean we do not think they are worthy of being included. It may simply mean that we overlooked them or didn’t have enough space to include them.


By continuing to use the TeaReviews.co.uk website you are giving your consent for all of the terms listed herein. Should that not be the case you may simply close the website down. If at anytime we feel it necessary to change these terms, we reserve the right to make these changes without any prior warning.

This will change if we deem it necessary to warn regular readers of the TeaReviews website and if we create a system whereby such a warning will be necessary and possible. At present, that is not the case.