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Thin Tea Reviews: Popular US Slimming Tea Reviewed in 2018

There are dozens of weight loss teas available. How should you know which ones to buy? Of course, green teas are commonly thought of as weight loss teas, but there are other proprietary blends in stores, too.

Thin Tea is one of those proprietary systems, one that seems to be very popular in the US. So do they work? What are customers saying? We covered Holland and Barrett teas here in the UK, but let’s look at Thin Tea reviews over the other side of the pond.

What is Thin Tea?

Thin Tea is more of a system for weight loss than a tea. The premise of the Thin Tea system isn’t unlike others. First, you’ll undergo a 14 day detox plan. Then, you’ll drink other daily teas to help boost your metabolism and aid in sleep.

The detox tea contains ingredients like fennel seed, dandelion root and juniper berry, while the Fat Burn Blend contains peppermint, olive leaf and ginger root. All the ingredients are all natural, organic and contain no preservatives.

You’ll also find a Sleepy Slumber Tea, a blend called Claritea and a Stress Relieving tea. As a package, the blends are designed to help reduce stress and the stress hormones which cause weight gain, to improve your clarity, as you may experience a blood sugar crash, and to help you sleep. Sleep is imperative to weight loss.

So does the Thin Tea system work? Let’s look at reviews of the system, and at what others are saying about their weight loss using Thin Tea.

Thin Tea Reviews

Thin Tea Reviews

It’s not every day you’ll find an herbal weight loss program that works. However, most of the Thin Tea reviews were actually quite positive!

Thin Tea reviews were insistent that the teas didn’t cause jitteriness, which is a common side effect of other weight loss supplements and teas. Reviewers were also pleased that the teas didn’t cause “bathroom issues.” Diarrhea and stomach cramping are frequently caused by herbal products which contain laxatives.

But what about the weight loss? Does Thin Tea really work? Well, most of the customers who took the teas only needed to lose a small amount of weight. The typical user aimed to lose between five and 20 pounds.

Customers who created Thin Tea reviews said they began to see weight loss in about a week, though they admitted this was likely fluid loss. However, as they continued with the plan, they said they lost about a pound per week.

The downside to the Thin Tea program is the cost. Customers claimed that a pound per week of weight loss didn’t always justify the money they were spending on the products. For example, Thin Tea sells a complete pack. It includes:

  • A 28 day supply of the detox blend
  • A 28 day supply of the fat burning blend
  • Two weeks’ worth of Claritea
  • Two weeks of Sleepy Slumber
  • Two weeks’ worth of Stress Less
  • A tea strainer

The complete kit costs $118.

Should You Buy Thin Tea?

Thin Tea Work

Considering the fact that you’ll likely want to supplement the Complete Pack with more slumber, clarity and stress relief tea, you’re looking at around a $200 per month investment in tea. While that may be worth it if you’ve only got a few pounds to lose, it’s pretty steep (no pun intended) if you’re looking to lose more.

Of course, none of the ingredients in Thin Tea have been evaluated by the FDA. But the Thin Tea reviews are largely positive. For a not-so-quick way to lose a few pounds, Thin Tea might be a good bet.