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Thompson’s Tea Review: Who Are They and What We Think

Thompson’s Tea Review

Thompson’s Tea is one of those tea companies that’s been passed down through a few generations. It’s one of the less commonly known tea companies, but the family-owned company executives would tell you that’s because they focus on quality.

Who are Thompson’s Tea, and why might you not have heard of the brand? Here’s what you need to know about Thompson’s Tea company.

Who Are Thompson’s Tea?

Thompson’s Tea was begun in a tea warehouse on the docs of Belfast in 1896. Robert Thompson was one of the “tea influencers” of the time – he earned his reputation as a tea connoisseur while he created blends in Belfast. The popularity of those blends led to a successful turn of the century startup.

Since then, there have been four generations of Thompson’s Tea owners. The company has been hugely successful in Ireland, and it’s estimated that a million cups of Thompson’s are served every day just in Ireland.

Types of Thompson’s Tea

Thompson’s Tea enjoys producing primarily loose leaf teas. You’ll find a few basic blends, like the Everyday Blend, the Punjana (their most famous blend) and the Irish Breakfast. The company also offers green teas and decaffeinated.

Other loose leaf teas are served up by Thompson’s Tea, and those are more creative than the classics. Lemon Smoothie tea, Turkish Apple and “White Tea Seduction” are just a few of those blends, which the company calls their “speciality teas.”

If it’s tea bags you’re looking for, Thompson’s Tea manufactures those, too. You’ll find many of the most popular blends in their “string and tag” collection.

Thompson’s Tea Reviews

Thompson’s Tea

There’s a good chance that if you don’t like in the United Kingdom, you’ve never tasted Thompson’s Tea. So what are others saying about the brand?

Thompson’s Tea reviews, from those who are outside of the United Kingdom, are actually quite positive. As you’d expect, they’re mostly from individuals who aren’t content with Lipton and Red Rose, and want to try something more “authentic.”

Authentic or not, those customers say the tea is very good. Over steeping the tea doesn’t make it bitter, and it’s good with milk or without. Thompson’s Tea reviews also say the blends don’t have any strange aftertaste, even when prepared to be strong.

Where to Buy Thompson’s Tea

If you’re not in the United Kingdom, you likely won’t see Thompson’s Tea in stores. You can, however find the tea online.

Your first option is to purchase Thompson’s Tea from the website. The tea will ship from Belfast, and the shipping cost is less than ten dollars at time of writing.

Your second option is through a retailer like Amazon. You can usually find Thompson’s Tea with free shipping. However, note that these are usually third party sellers. The price of the tea will generally cost more than purchasing it directly from the company.

Finally, if you’re in Ireland, be sure to stop in one of Thompson’s retail locations! The company actually has locations dotting the UK, so check out the company in person if you’re local.